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Who Are We?

The Official Coffee Diet was started by Rob Dionne. Rob and his wife Devon have worked as health and wellness coaches for the past 15 years. In 2013, Rob started the Open Sky Fitness Podcast in order to learn from the top minds in the wellness world. Devon joined him as a co-host in 2015 and they've been a team ever since.

Creating a healthy lifestyle is more than just a diet for them, it's about building a strong family and group of close friends that love life and enjoy what it feels like to be healthy.

While the Official Coffee Diet is called a "diet," they like to think of it as a lifestyle they can enjoy around doing the thing that they love...drinking delicious coffee.

How did ocd come about?

The Official Coffee Diet (OCD Coffee) was an evolution over the last 6 years.

When Rob was 36 years old, he decided to compete in his first men's physique competition. Without going into too much detail, he made an important discover about his nutrition while in the weight loss phase of prep for that competition.

Rather than doing a "calorie restriction" protocol for the event, he decided to just eat whole foods and see how his body responded. He was amazed to see that with just that change he was dropping 1 to 3 pounds per week. He also noticed a big difference in his energy level and mood. Contrary to everyone he consulted with to prepare for the competition who told him he'd have zero energy and be constantly irriatable, Rob felt the complete opposite. His energy levels were through the roof and he was happier than he'd been in years.

It wasn't until after the competition that he realized he'd been eating a mostly Paleo Diet. Not only did this way of eating help him to lose weight, but it also helped him discover how eating a whole food diet can make him feel amazing.

It wasn't until recently that Rob decided to try Intermittent Fasting. Obviously IF is a hot topic these days, but his interest was peaked after interviewing a close friend who's an expert in Intermittent Fasting, Kristen Mancinelli.

While fasting he knew he could only consumer non-calorie beverages like water, tea or coffee. Being the coffee lover, naturally he gravitated to coffee.

Based on recommendations to only drink his coffee black, Rob discovered there was a big difference between the supermarket coffee beans he was brewing at home and the cup of black coffee he would buy at high-end coffee shops.

Unlike his coffee at home, the high-end coffee was way tastier. He could taste all kinds of flavors that just weren't available in cheaper store bought coffee. Not only that, the caffeine high was better and he didn't have that stomach cramping that seemed to come along with drinking $9 per pound coffee.

He decided to buy his coffee beans from the high-end coffee shop for $30 per pound. A small price to pay for the joy of drinking a good cup of coffee at home.

There's something you should know about Rob...he loves good quality, but he doesn't like paying for quality, if he thinks he can do something himself. So, while $30 per pound was a price he was willing to pay, he wanted to figure out if he could roast his own coffee at home and do it for cheaper.

After doing some research he discovered an entire subculture of people actively roasting coffee at home. Rob dove in head first, ordered green beans and started experimenting with his own home roasts.

Being the obsessive type (OCD is a fitting name for his personal diet), Rob methodically roasted small batches of beans until he developed his own method.

Within two weeks, he was brewing a cup of coffee on par and often times better than those he'd get at the high-end coffee shops.

The Official Coffee Diet was born.

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